15 ft Bahama Blast
15 ft Bahama Blast


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Bahama Blast Dual Lane Water Slide

Experience the thrill of the tropics with the 15 ft Bahama Blast Slide from Inflate the Party! This inflatable water slide rental is perfect for kids of all ages who are looking for a bright, tropical adventure right in their own backyard. With its vibrant colors, palm tree design, and refreshing pool at the bottom, this slide will transport you to a tropical oasis, without the hassle of travel. Safety is a top priority at Inflate the Party, with regular inspections and sanitization of all inflatables, including the 15 ft Bahama Blast Slide, to ensure the best possible experience for our customers.

Kids of all ages will be mesmerized by the bright blue slide of the 15 ft Bahama Blast Slide, which resembles the beautiful ocean at a tropical destination. The palm trees add a touch of the tropics, creating a visually appealing and exciting atmosphere that will captivate the imaginations of young adventurers. Climb the stairs to the top and get ready for a thrilling race to the bottom, where a clear blue pool of refreshing water awaits.

At Inflate the Party, safety is our primary concern. The 15 ft Bahama Blast Slide features safety netting over the top of the slide, providing an additional layer of protection for users. The safety netting prevents accidental falls and ensures that kids can enjoy the slide safely. Inflate the Party also provides proper safety instructions and guidelines for use, ensuring that all users are aware of the proper way to enjoy the slide and have a safe and enjoyable experience.

As with all of our inflatables, the 15 ft Bahama Blast Slide is regularly inspected and sanitized after every rental. We take pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene to ensure the health and safety of our customers. You can trust that when you rent from Inflate the Party, you are getting a clean and well-maintained inflatable for your event.

Skip the hassle of traveling to a tropical resort and bring the tropical oasis to your own backyard with the 15 ft Bahama Blast Slide. Hosting a birthday party, a family gathering, a school event, or any other occasion? This inflatable water slide rental is sure to be the highlight of the event, providing endless fun and excitement for kids and adults alike. Imagine the joy on the faces of your little ones as they slide down the bright blue slide and splash into the clear blue pool at the bottom, creating lasting memories that they will cherish for years to come.

Quick Facts

Max Riders: 
Max Weight Total: 
Min Height : 
Max Height: 
Power Required:
Leave the power on until we come back. The only exceptions are:
  • Winds over 15 mph
  • Thunder Lightning
  • If the inflatable is staying over night (blower must be disconnected and brought inside)


  • Play at your own risk
  • No shoes, sneakers, flip flops, water shoes or sandals
  • No food, candy, gum or drinks on or near the inflatable
  • No confetti, glitter, silly string, crepe paper, slime, etc in or near the inflatable. They will stain and you will be responsible for the damage.
  • No pushing, shoving, wrestling or horseplay
  • No uneven size difference of players. (big kids with big kids and little kids with little kids)
  • No more than the recommended amount of players on the unit at any one time
  • All sharp objects must be removed before play (including pens, pencils, jewelry, knives, eyeglasses, etc)
  • Do not put water on a dry inflatable. This can result in injury and damage as well as a cleaning/drying fee.
  • Do not enter if you are pregnant or have any physical problems
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